2016 Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest

Anyone attending the 2016 Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest will again see the traffic and pedestrian safety changes implemented last year on Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway.  The improvements identified below will address safety concerns from recent years.  The goal is to enhance emergency response times and prevent gridlock.

The city is also working on a phone add that will help you navigate and we will publish it when it is made public.

Memorial Day bike week

Here are some of the changes to expect during this year’s Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest when looking for things to do in Myrtle Beach when attending.

  • Additional police officers will be available throughout the Grand Strand.  Illegal activities, including excessive noise, speeding, littering, impromptu parties, unlicensed retail sales and other criminal behavior will result in tickets or arrests.
  • All traffic on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach is one way, southbound, from 29th Avenue North to South Kings Highway, with an extended loop beyond Ocean Boulevard.  From Friday through Monday, May 22-25, northbound lanes of Ocean Boulevard are reserved for emergency vehicles.
  • Access to Ocean Boulevard begins on Kings Highway at 29th Avenue North, with no access north of that point.  Exits from Ocean Boulevard may be allowed at those cross streets with traffic signals on Kings Highway, depending on traffic conditions.
  • A 23-mile extended traffic loop will be in effect from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 27-29, to keep traffic flowing and prevent gridlock.  At other times, traffic may be diverted from Ocean Boulevard to keep vehicles moving at peak periods.
  • For walkers’ safety, pedestrians will be separated from vehicles along five miles of Ocean Boulevard, from 29th Avenue North to South Kings Highway.  Barriers will be in place to prevent walkers from entering the roadway.
  • No more than two motorcycles may park in a single public space.  For spaces controlled by pay-stations, rather than parking meters, both motorcycles must pay to park and both must display parking receipts.  Paid parking is enforced from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., seven days a week.
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