Experts Corner: Five Fixes to Beat the Heat at your Wedding

Sara Wise

Sara Wise

By Sara Wise, Wedding Planner,The Bride’s Maid Event Planning & More

With summer’s heat oppressively hovering overhead, it seems fitting to address ways to stay cool on your wedding day.


Whatever time of the year you’re planning to wed, you run the risk of overheating, be it from actual heat or from butterflies.

Here are several tips to help you, as well as your guests, stay comfortable so the only heat at your wedding will be your vow-sealing smooch and the dessert flambé.

Pre-Wedding Powder- Just like the Olympic gymnasts, a healthy heap of powder will prevent perspiration on your big day. Wait to put on your wedding gown until the last possible moment, and several minutes before you slip into your dream dress, douse yourself in baby powder. Apply it with a fluffy puff or by hand to your pulse point and hot spots like behind your knees, under your arms and breasts, between thighs, along the small of your back and inside your shoes. You’ll feel silky smooth and smell fresh as a newborn babe. An additional note: skip pantyhose. If you plan to wear sultry stockings as part of your wedding night lingerie, change into them before you leave the reception.

Hydration- Be sure to offer guests something cool to drink before the ceremony begins. Whether you opt for bottled water with personalized labels or plan to fill attractive drink dispensers, serving something to quench guests’ thirst will make a good first impression that their needs are top of mind. Avoid serving soda and instead opt for water with cucumber, lemon, lime, or berries floating in the punch bowl, fresh made lemonade or peach iced tea. For easy serving, place miniature mason jars out ( for around $1.25 each) or use pretty disposable cups (

Fancy Fans- Let your programs serve dual purpose by transforming them into functional fans. Order a kit online ( or make your own using cardstock and popsicle sticks. Try this free template:

Moist towels- Whether you pass them around like flight attendants do in first class or simply have them available in the restroom, offering guests a cool, damp cloth is a great way to wow them and refresh them all at once. Try Towel Depot ( and find washcloths, just $29 for 60. Roll cloths into heart shapes or coils and secure with a ribbon, then stash inside a walk-in cooler or refrigerator until needed.

Snow Cones- If your wedding is a fun, semi-casual outdoor affair, then why not offer guests snow cones to keep cool between ceremony and reception or as a post-meal treat? Give them a grown up twist by adding libations such as bourbon to a strawberry-mint concoction. Instead of flimsy paper cones, place these sweet treats in mini mason jars or other attractive containers and garnish with fruit and mint leaves. Check out this version from Martha Stewart.×642.jpg

Best wishes for a cool summer celebration. Happy Planning!



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