Starter Mom: A New Mom Wish List

by Nicole Loughan

spaHoliday shopping for a new mom is a great chance to give her something she didn’t know she needed. There were so many things I never considered before having kids that made the old stand-by gifts obsolete. No more candles, no more bath oils, no more perfume this Christmas. So what should you get her? Something she didn’t even know she wanted. Read on for a few ideas for your own list or for another new mom.

Scented flameless candles – I love the smell of candles, though with babies came two problems, scents that I used to love became overpowering and secondly tiny hands or paws around the house make having candles at best impractical, and at worst dangerous. I was given the gift of vanilla scented flameless candles by a fellow mom and I adore them. They are very lightly scented, but still give a hint of vanilla. Bonus they are remote controlled so I can turn them on all over the room at once. There are several sets available at stores like Kohl’s for under $30

Collapsible wagon – I was so jealous when I saw my sister-in-law’s collapsible wagon. She tucked it neatly into the back of her car, taking up very little space and when needed it pops up just like a pop up tent. It was made of such light material it could be carried in one hand. It was great for our trip to a splash pad. We filled it with snacks, towels and even one spirited child who refused to walk. Plenty of nice models like hers are available for under $100 at stores such as Costco and Target.

Back massage – This is wear bath oils are a no. Once upon a time I liked a home pampering kit with bath salts or shower gels, no longer. I can’t possibly enjoy a bath at home these days, when would I do it, while the kids are awake pounding on the door? Or after they go to bed, that’s my precious Candy Crush or writing time. Plus, I would have to clean out the oil and salt when I’m done, it’s just extra work. If you really want to give a new mom a treat try to give it to her out of the house. One caveat, if she is breastfeeding she can’t be gone too long or she can’t relax anyway, because well breast milk. A 45 minute massage could be just about right. For a mom with older children a full spa day could be great, head massages, pedicures all great. When I saw a friend get this gift last year I gave her I gave my husband a not so subtle nudge in the ribs to let him know I wanted that. Local masseuses tend to do a great job on this, and a gift certificate can be had for as little as $50 or over $100 depending on service.

E-Reader – I love books. The year I had my son the latest Sookie Stackhouse book came out in over 300 pages of hardback glory. I was so excited to read it, but found it scary to balance a 10 pound book over a helpless baby. I turned to the E-reader instead which is easier to hold. It has many pluses over a book, pages can be turned with one hand and many of the models have an internal light so they can be read in the dark, which is great for late night feedings.

If you have any other great ideas please share in the comments.

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