Seeking Community Leaders for Mental Health Training on August 29th

colored_logoHERMES, LLC is holding a one day seminar called Building Local Community Post-Disaster Mental Health Capacity. They are looking for community leaders interested in a  1-day workshop and must be embedded and respected in a black community and not planning to relocate in the next 2 years.

Their role will be to act as cultural translators, talking about mental health issues and resources with community members, clinical providers, and emergency response. Each workshop participant will represent an organization or network at the local disaster mental health preparedness planning group. These include leaders of religious and civic organizations as well and other established networks (for example, clergy, school counselor, coalition leader). In addition, the trainees agree to participate in training group discussions and complete pre – and post-tests, and training evaluation forms.

This workshop will address mental health needs in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, HERMES, LLC, a small woman-owned research services company is field-testing an evidence-based post-disaster mental health training project tailored to the cultural context of black communities in eastern North and South Carolina.

HERMES developed training materials and resources with funding from the National Institute of Mental Health based on literature review of best practice and local needs assessment.  “This is a research study to determine if participants benefit from the training and continue to the next phase of leading strategic planning for disaster mental health in their local communities. We train local clinical providers who will partner with trained community leaders to develop an asset-based strategy to increase resilience for the immediate aftermath of natural disasters,” according to Danielle Laborde, Principal Investigator.

The training is from 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. Thursday August 29th 2013 in Atlantic Beach, SC. Community leaders interested in attending the workshop can obtain more information by calling (919) 484-4191 or emailing [email protected] NO FEE for workshop participation.



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