Gabby Picks the Super Bowl Winner

We have it on great authority that the Denver Broncos are going to win Super Bowl 50…but don’t take it to the bank. Ripley’s Aquarium’s “expert” has once again made her prediction for Sunday’s Big Game. Even though Gabby is a South Carolina girl, the resident Green Sea Turtle has picked the Denver Broncos to win this year’s Super Bowl. Oh, Gabby, say it ain’t so!

But don’t get too upset with Gabby because her record is less than stellar. For the past five years, the 300-pound turtle has made a Super Bowl pick, and until last year, has been wrong every time. Whew!

Will Gabby’s streak continue, or is she destined to always pick the loser? Tune in on Super Bowl Sunday and find out. You will just have to “suffer through” all the commercials to determine if Gabby was correct.  Go Panthers!


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