Myrtle Beach First Friday Artwalks

ArtFor those of you that are longing for more culture, check out what is happening downtown Myrtle Beach! This Friday, March 3rd, will be the first of monthly First Friday Art Walks in Downtown Myrtle Beach from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  The monthly event will highlight creativity and culture in the community.

The goal is to enrich lives by uplifting our community. Bringing Art Walks to the heart of Myrtle Beach helps to promote a robust and vibrant downtown, supporting local business and creative entrepreneurs. These events nurture an epicenter for the arts and provide a cultural hub for all.

Arts Walk is the brain child of Carl Kerridge with help from William H. Miller and other artists in the area.  Kerridge recently opened his studio, Carl Kerridge Photography at 514 Broadway Street and has hopes of revitalizing the area.

We spoke with Crystal Eaddy, Kerridge’s assistant for everything you need to know about the event.

GSH: “Where do people start?  At your location?”

CE: “Attendees may start anywhere they wish and explore based on their own preference.”

GSH: “Will it be an organized “crawl”, like go to this place and then that or is it on your own?”

CE: “It’s pretty much on your own. Our hopes are (if someone explored every stop) they would be intrigued at Art Bar and The Chemist, grab a coffee from Fresh Brewed, head from Jack Thompson’s Studio to grab a margarita at Sun City Cafe, cross over to William Miller’s Fine Art Gallery, then continue the walk for more food, fun, and art on Broadway Street.”

GSH: “Are there actual maps of where to go?”

CE: “Yes, our brochure has a map with businesses/galleries/parking marked. Professionally printed brochures will be distributed this Thursday.”

GSH: “Will there be restaurants listed and will they have specials?”

CE: “There are restaurants listed and we have highly encouraged either a discount or special dish/drink be promoted for the occasion.”

GSH: “Will there be artwork for sale?”

CE: “Yes, there will be artwork for sale. Our studio will hold the AAST Art Senior Masteries and Carl’s fine art! The senior mastery pieces can be bought that night but the buyer will have to wait until the end of the senior’s showcasing to pick up the piece(s). Carl’s art can be bought and taken home the same night. Other artists and galleries will have art for sale that can be taken home at the same time too.”

GSH: “How many galleries are included?”

CE: “There are 7 galleries, 7 restaurants and 3 additional local businesses that will be participating.”

During the event share your candid images using the hashtag #MBArtWalks to their Instagram or Facebook page. Help them spread the word for the arts! They will be selecting one image to win a gift certificates to any of the Bonfire Restaurant Group – ART Burger Sushi, The Chemist or Gordo’s Taco and Tequila Bar! Definitely on your list as a fun thing to do in Myrtle Beach!

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