The Myrtle Beach Area is Getting New Shopping Options

German Grocery StoreMost of us have heard that the German chain Aldi is coming to the Grand Strand.  There was one near where I lived in PA but it was meh.  We had Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Wegman’s so why shop there? But wait…we heard they improved!

That is good news because the closest Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are near Charleston and Wilmington and you don’t hit Wegman’s until you are going up Rt. 95  halfway through Virginia.

But now the Myrtle Beach area is getting more options.  There are currently two Aldi’s being built: one in North Myrtle Beach and another in Carolina Forest. The good news is Aldi’s is now know for organic produce and grass fed beef at reasonable prices.  All of the health coaches in the area are saying finally! And shopping at new stores with new food choices are tops on my list of things to do in Myrtle Beach.

And we are also getting Lidl. According to Supermarket News, Lidl is a division of Schwarz Group, one of Europe’s largest retailers with 10,000 stores in 26 countries, and is often compared to its domestic rival Aldi for efficient operations, limited assortment and service, and heavy emphasis on private label goods. Those retailers have created havoc among conventional operators in Europe, and sources predict a similar fate could await U.S. grocers, many of whom are already feeling effects of Aldi’s rapid U.S. growth and concurrent evolution toward a more mainstream customer. Good news for us!

Lidl has established U.S. headquarters in Arlington, Va. and is building regional distribution centers in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina with intentions of servicing stores along the East Coast from New Jersey to Georgia.

Construction plans for Lidl  have been submitted and the new location will be right across U.S. 501 from the new ALDI grocery store near the Burning Ridge intersection.

Want more information about Lidl? Check them out on how you can be part of the expansion. They are looking for suppliers and workers, so go get a head start.


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