Myrtle Beach Was #2 According to Yahoo!

SkywheelAccording to Yahoo, Myrtle Beach was one of the most searched U.S. travel destinations this year for family affordability, things to do and variety of activities.  With all our family affordable activities including mini golf, shopping,  and entertainment we are not surprised.  We always knew the value of vacationing here but now the country does, too!


Myrtle Beach was wedged in the No. 2 spot between top searched Las Vegas and New Orleans.  While researching for this post, we noticed many comments that wanted those searching for accommodations to note that there is a difference between North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach.  Each has it’s own appeal.

Yahoo also noted that “the rankings are based on what users search for in Yahoo. Myrtle Beach’s TV fame might also have led to some searches for the destination. Myrtle Beach is the setting for TLC’s “Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor” and has been featured in music videos and on other shows such as Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible,” and the filming of Magic Mike XXL.”

The most searched travel spots on Yahoo in 2014:

1. Las Vegas

2. Myrtle Beach

3. New Orleans

4. Atlantic City, N.J.

5. Key West, Fla.

6. Ocean City, Md.

7. Santa Barbara, Calif.

8. San Diego, Calif.

9. Virginia Beach, Va.

10. San Francisco, Calif.


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