Meet Miss Socastee: Alexis Johnson

high school crownAlexis Johnson is living a dream. She is 17 years old and is in the 11th grade at Socastee High School. She is also on the varsity football and basketball teams and is a member of DECA (International Association of Marketing Students) and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). Alexis has an eight year old brother Carter and a dog named Bently. In her free time, she enjoys tumbling, going to the beach and shopping…oh, and owns a crown.

Not many 17 year old’s can make that claim so we wanted to find out more about her.

GSH: “Was this your first contest? What did you have to do to compete?”

AJ: “Yes, this was my first pageant. To compete, each contestant participated in talent (tumbling/dancing routine), interview, evening gown, onstage question, and opening number.”

GSH: “What made you decide to enter the contest?”

AJ: “Many of the previous “Miss Socastee’s” are girls that I truly look up to. They were all great role models and represented our school in a positive manner. I decided to enter to try to follow in the footsteps of the girls I had admired for many years, in hopes I could impact someone in the way that they impacted me.”

GSH: “How did you prepare for it?”

AJ: “Preparing for the pageant was the same as preparing for any other competition; hard work, dedication, and the “want to succeed”.”

GSH: “How are you preparing for the Miss South Carolina Teen Contest and when is it?”

AJ: “Miss South Carolina Teen takes place on June 21-25, 2016 at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, South Carolina. I have endlessly improving my platform and dedicating most of my time to getting everything I need in line for June.”

GSH: “What is your platform?”

AJ: “My platform is entitles “H.U.G.” meaning “Homeless Uplifted by God”.”

GSH: “Why did you pick it?”

AJ: “Homeless relief has always been important to me. It is my goal to use my faith to bring them to a better place, get them up on their feet and out of the rough times they have been consumed in. Eventually, I would like to work out a system to help the homeless have access to things like their birth certificates and driver’s licenses to that getting a job becomes easier, with hopes that one day they are off of the streets.”

GSH: “Who/what is your inspiration?”

AJ: “My biggest inspiration is my grandmother, Cathy. She is the most humble, driven person I have ever met, and she has shown me that you can make something of yourself no matter where you’re coming from.”

GSH: “How do you think the pageants will help you in life?”

AJ: “Pageants will help me down the road in several ways. It has helped me with public speaking, leadership skills, being in front of large crowds, and has certainly helped with my self-confidence.”

GSH: “What is your career choice?”

AJ: “I hope to one day be a Marketing Executive for a big fashion company!”

GSH: “What would you tell other young women who would like to enter pageants?”

AJ: “DO IT! A lot of people see pageants with a negative light and think it’s all about the outfits, dresses, big hair, and the crown. But they are truly so much more than that! You meet so many amazing people, build your character, and expand your opportunities. If you are bold enough to get out of your shell and enter; you are a winner as well!”

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