Meet Logan Walker: A Happening Kid

Food truckLogan Walker is a student a 7th grade student St. James Middle School in Myrtle Beach. She lives with her parents and one older and one younger brother in Murrells Inlet. She was a competitive gymnast and has now transitioned to cheerleading. She also plays piano, and is an artist with her own page on etsy.  When she was five, she sold a painting to a gallery in Los Angeles. And Logan Walker is also an accomplished chef.

We first heard of Logan when she was on Food Network’s Chopped Junior and wanted to learn more about her. So, one morning I met with Logan and Mom Becky at Starbucks.

GSH: “Who is Logan Walker?”

LW: “When I introduce myself, I say chef, entrepreneur and artist with food.  I am also a food truck owner and cookbook author as of two years ago. I am currently working on my second cookbook called My First Car Was a Food Truck.”

GSH: “How did you get interested in cooking?”

LW: “I watched my parents cook, watched Food Network and just going to restaurants.  When I was younger I watched a girl on You Tube called Rosanna Pansino (now on cooking channel). She has written a cookbook called Nerdy nummy.  She takes food and makes art out of it. Watching her inspired me.”

GSH: “What made you try out for Chopped Junior?  Would you do it again?”

LW: “I was in my room and was watching the show. I looked up how to sign up and told mom that I wanted to be on the show and applied. Three days later, they called my mom.

LW: “The original application is basic: what you cook, why and a picture of the food. Then that goes to a recruiter where they screen and then call who they like.”

Chopped Jr.Logan then shared that there are a series of skype interviews with the producers where they discuss what you are going to cook along with a 10-minute video of her signature dish: pan seared grouper with julienne zucchini and half baby heirloom tomatoes, corn off cob with tarragon cream sauce. And then more skype interviews.

GSH: “Tell us about the episode of Chopped Junior that you were on.”

LW: “It was called The Big Stink. The first-round appetizer consisted of alligator, hand pulled noodles, century egg, pickled daikon radish.  I made fried alligator with hand pulled noodle and century egg puree and flash fried the daikon radish. The entrée consisted of pork cutlets, gold fish and potato chips mix, mango and baby vegetable zucchini. I made grilled pork cutlet with raspberry infused mango with cryo vac and toasted fish and chips. I was chopped because I overcooked the pork. I was used to thick chops and these were thinner.”

GSH: “Would you do it again? What other show would you like to be on?”

LW: “Yes. I would also like to be on Kids Baking Championship and Top Chef.”

Unique Southern eatsGSH: “Tell us about the unique Southern Eats food truck.”

LW: “I use the food truck for festivals, catering and charitable events. My most famous dishes are crab cakes and chicken and waffles.”

GSH: “What got you started?”

LW: “The idea started with the Chopped Junior show when they asked what I would do with the winning and the family pulled it together.”

LW: “I bring the truck to festivals, senior centers and donated some profits to my gymnastic team for trip. I donate left over food to food banks and would like to give a good portion to a charity for hunger.”

GSH: “What would you like to do in the future?”

Chopped Jr.LW: “I want to go to the Culinary institute of Charleston and live with my best friend in cute house above a restaurant. After graduation, I want to open a restaurant that is open from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. An upscale, low country restaurant.”

To keep up with Logan, you can follow her on:

Facebook : unique Southern Eats Food Truck
Instagram : @chefloganwalker and @uniquesoutherneatsfoodtruck


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