Meet Brittany Blevins: Miss St. James High School Teen

Miss South CarolinaBrittany Blevins is doing something she never imagined she’d be doing: competing in the Miss South Carolina Teen Pageant. She is a 16 year old Junior at St. James High School and is the Captain of the school dance team the “Sharkies”. She is also secretary of the National Art Honors Society, a member of HOSA (Future Health Professionals), National Technical Honors Society, National Honors Society, and Key Club. Brittany has 2 sweet and fluffy dogs that she adores named Sophie and Penny and spends almost all of her spare time at her second home: her dance studio (Marla’s School of Dance).

GSH: “What made you decide to enter the contest?”

BB: “During my freshman year, my mom completely pushed me out of comfort zone and put me in my high school pageant! I soon became in love with the self-confidence, friendships, and joy that being in the pageant brought me and I decided to keep pursuing it until I couldn’t anymore!”

GSH: “Was this your first contest? What did you have to do to compete?”

BB: “This pageant was not my first, but it was the first out of the three years of competing in the Miss St. James that taught me so many life lessons that I wouldn’t have learned without the experience! To compete, each contestant had to prepare and perform a talent routine, an onstage monologue, a behind the scenes interview, an opening number, and wear an evening gown.”

GSH: “How did you prepare for it?”

BB: “To be completely honest, I prayed. A LOT. I wanted to succeed and make a personal dream and goal come true, but at the same time, I knew God has his hand on everything I do and I just prayed that he would lead me where I’m meant to be. Knowing that is what mainly got me through the entire pageant and the weeks leading up to it.”

GSH: “How are you preparing for the Miss South Carolina teen contest?”

BB: “With a ton of hard work!! Preparing is definitely a job in itself but I mostly preparing by spreading my platform and my name out in the community to show people that it’s not just a crown, it’s a microphone that can be used to impact so many people and places around me.”

GSH: “What is your platform?”

BB: ” My personal platform is “Making Memory Matter”, a message and project aimed at providing awareness and education for those who are unaware of the detrimental effects that memory diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia can have.”

GSH: “Why did you pick it?”

BB: “I chose this platform because it hits really close to home. My great grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease for most of my life and sadly passed due to the affects. Seeing firsthand how this disease impacted my family inspired me to take matters into my own hands and spread awareness everywhere I can.”

GSH: “Who/what is your inspiration?”

BB: “My inspiration is truly everything around me. I constantly feel inspired every single day by people, places, family, friends, acts of kindness, dance, and even TV shows/ movies!! If it has a kind message, I’m inspired!!”

GSH: “How do you think the pageants will help you in life?”

BB: “Based on the amazingly positive impact that pageants have already made on me, I am absolutely certain that every pageant through the Miss South Carolina and the Miss America Organizations is going to be a wonderful step forward toward my goals, dreams, and aspirations in life.”

GSH: “What is your career choice?”

BB: “I aspire to become a Nurse in a hospital with the ultimate goal of helping others.”

GSH: “What would you tell other young women who would like to enter pageants?”

BB: “I would tell ANY young woman on the verge of deciding whether or not they want to compete in pageants to GO FOR IT!!!! Most people think that pageants are this artificial way of determining whether a girl is beautiful enough, but through the Miss South Carolina Organization, it is SO MUCH MORE! I am telling you from experience that everything you do through pageants is a life lesson that you don’t want to miss!”

GSH: “What do you want people to know about you?”

BB: “A couple things I want people to know about me is that I am obsessed with Gossip Girl and Harry Potter (Just a tad bit of a nerd), I LOVE orange, yellow, and green sour patch kids, and I absolutely love to dance!!!!”

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