After Hurricane Matthew


The Doubletree Pier prior to Matthew.

This has been a tough few days for the people of the Grand Strand.  Some of us sustained major damage to our property, some just minor.  Some of us lost power for a few days, some for a few minutes.  And some areas still do not have electricity.  We still need to count our blessings since the loss of life has been minimal.

The same cannot be said to our neighbors in the south, particularly Haiti that had massive destruction and loss of life and we need to keep them in our thoughts.

But the destruction may not be over since the river levels, such as the Lumber and Pee Dee, have begun to rise and we need to be conscious of those living there.

Most of us kept in touch with each other on Facebook through our phones just to say we are okay and to check on family and friends. Many people of the Grand Strand offered up their homes or businesses for a hot shower, a hot meal or to recharge our appliances.

I am so moved by how our community has come together to help their neighbor.  In the beginning before the hurricane struck, there was a little “evacu-shaming,” but that was quickly replaced with, “what can I do for you?”

So I want to share some of the comments I have seen on Facebook and some Nextdoor sites.  I will share the business names but not the individuals.

“Hey guys, I want to invite everyone to East Bay Deli….if you need power to charge your devices, Need some AC, want to watch TV or simply people watch, we invite you to East Bay Deli. You don’t have to buy a single thing, just come sit and enjoy being out of the dark ages! Invite your friends that are out of power as well, spread the word so those who are still without power know they are welcome to come sit and relax. Ill have the TV’s going, any channel you want on, we can get it on! I will also fill small coolers with ice, So you can keep stuff cold at home.”

Murrells Inlet Seafood, “If your power is still off, you are welcome to come by the store and fill up your cooler with ice – for FREE! You may also mention Facebook and get a dollar a pound off all seafood through 10/15.”

Planet fitness shared that it is offering free showers to ANYONE without power. Even if you are not a member.

NC: “Just so you know……1500 Line men & women travelled from areas as far as Texas to HELP US!! No hotel reservations. No meal prep. Eating granola bars and COLD sandwiches. Sleeping In their TRUCKS. They are cutting trees off LIVE wires. Climbing poles as the wind and rain Whips their bodies and faces. Risking falling. They are Not home. They are not laying in a comfortable bed. I KNOW it SUCKS not having power. But at least be respectful when you call or post stuff. And if you DO see these linemen & women…say THANK YOU.”

SC: “I have power if anyone needs a hot shower or needs to charge phones. North Myrtle Beach”

AS: “We have power and food if anyone is in need!”

This list is just a snippet of all the kindness that has been displayed the past few days.   Let’s continue to share compassion and show everyone what makes the Grand Strand great. And a huge thank you to Horry Electric and Santee Cooper for working long hours to restore power to all.

More comments that came in after posting:

“The Claire Chapin Eppes YMCA is open tomorrow (Oct. 11) 10-4 for hot showers.”

“Papillon Salon is having a shampoo/blow dry station today (Oct. 11) if anyone that is still without power/water & needs their hair shampooed.
Papillon Salon  843-281-0187 salon”

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