Grocery Delivery Comes to Myrtle Beach

Enjoy your Vacation!

Simply Groceries is an online alternative to grocery shopping. Tourists and locals now have the option of grocery delivery. Myrtle Beach, SC is the destination of over 14 million visitors each year who can now save time by doing their shopping online.

Who wants to waste time at the store when you can be on the beach?

People can now order their groceries anytime before traveling to their vacation destination. Grocery shopping at the stores in Myrtle Beach, SC is the longest and most tedious chore one can do. By combining the crowds and traffic at check-in time, grocery shopping can take hours out of people’s vacation time.

Simply Groceries was founded October 28, 2011. The company originally offered grocery delivery by taking orders by email and over the phone. The owner, Christopher Payne says, “The launch of our new website is second to none. I’m excited about giving our customers the most up to date online grocery shopping experience currently available online.”

By partnering with over 30 resorts and realty companies the process of loading homes and condo rooms full of groceries have now became a reality. Visit for more info on grocery delivery service.

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