New Grand Strand Murder Mystery Novel Just Released

local author Local author Steve McMillen has just released Death on Mt. Pleasant, the third installment in a series of Mickke D, Grand Strand Murder Mystery whodunit novels. We love to read books that include some local sites and people.

The novel is set in Lancaster, Ohio; however, the tale returns to Myrtle Beach, and, then ventures on down to the Caribbean. As in his first two endeavors, Murder on the Front Nine and Cougars at the Beach, Steve includes some local history and several well-known locales, including the main focal point, Mt. Pleasant. Ohio natives will be able to say, “been there, done that,” while non-residents will want to plan a visit to scale Mt. Pleasant and take in the awe-inspiring view. I would!

Mickke D is back as an ex-Special Forces, part-time private investigator who receives a surprise call from Jake, his old high school classmate. He agrees to return to his Ohio hometown to look into the death of Jake’s sister, who was an investigative reporter with the local newspaper. The police say her death was an accident: however, Jake believes she was murdered. Soon after arriving in town, Mickke D realizes his hometown has changed over the years, and someone does not appreciate him being in town and looking into the death of Jake’s sister.

As with his first two novels, this new venture, Death on Mt. Pleasant, abounds with plots and sub-plots, and Mickke D’s list of suspects grows with each passing day. So if you are are looking for something quiet to do in Myrtle Beach and a good murder mystery whodunit or just a good beach read will do the trick, you will find out that you have chosen an entertaining, fun, easy read, which will keep you on the edge of your chair, turning pages, trying to find out how this complex story will end.

McMillen can be contacted at [email protected] or go to his website

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