A New Fresh Market Coming to Myrtle Beach?

Fresh Foods MarketUpdate:  it’s true!!!

We have been hearing rumors for some time that The Fresh Market will soon be coming to Myrtle Beach! As a former northerner who had easy access to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods this is welcome news.

The Fresh Market is growing all around the US, including Pawleys Island, and although this new location is not on their website, the rumors come form some pretty good sources including an employee.  The Myrtle Beach location is thought to be in the now closed Sally Stowe Interiors at 76th and Kings Highway by Bay Naturals and Stein Mart.

If you go to their website, you will see why we are excited.  Not only do they boast the freshest products, but they have a great website with cooking and shopping tips. ” Our full-service philosophy, with our Old World Butcher shop, European Delicatessen and Fresh Baked Goods keeps our customers coming back for more!”

Furthermore they say, “Our goal is to become an out of the ordinary food destination store for those who enjoy cooking and good eating. From our bountiful produce and high quality meats to our convenient prepared foods and gourmet cooking ingredients, you will find that we are committed to variety, freshness and, above all else, quality. The careful selection of our buyers ensures that only the best can be found at The Fresh Market.”

So what do you think, Myrtle Beach, are you excited? Will you pay premium for high quality produce and meats?

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