Expert’s Corner: It is a social media jungle out there and it’s easy to get lost!

Dorien Morin

Dorien Morin

‘Social Media; I want to… but I don’t know where to start!’

‘Is Social Media here to stay?’

‘Help, my customers are online, do I really need to be there?’

Sound familiar?




Before implementing any social media ideas you have for your business, social media strategic planning is of utmost importance.  With so many platforms to choose from:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, FourSquare, WordPress, Blogger, Tumbl, Google+, StumbleUpon etc., it’s nearly impossible for the social media novice to figure out where to be and what to say!  On top of that, the platforms and functionalities of each platform are changing daily and it is difficult to find the most updated and most pertinent information needed for each niche.

A Social Media Strategic Plan should include a social media audit, short and long term goals, a list of current and potential platforms to be active on specific to your business niche, profile set up, training, scheduling, and a management plan.  It’s is also very important to remember that social media does NOT replace your traditional marketing strategy.  A social media strategy should complement your current marketing strategy and enhance your current marketing efforts.

Social Media works if done correctly, and takes time and effort and even though ROI (Return On Investment) is hard to measure in social media, it should NOT be discounted.  As a board member of a local non-profit, Dorien has used the power of social media to help make Tee Off Fore A Cause, a local golf charity event to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, a smashing success.  Read the story of Tee Off Fore a Cause in Put(t)ing Social Proof On The Table.

Where does a business start?

With a solid website, a blog and a plan.

Here are THREE options to consider for the busy business owner:

DIY (in-house)                 


  • Time; To Learn Social Media Marketing (workshops, one-on-one training, webinars)
  • Time; To Plan and Execute a Social Media Strategy (To Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business)
  • Minimal $



  • Time; To Meet With Consultant
  • Consulting Fees $$ or
  • Project Fees $$$ or
  • Management Fees $$$$

Hiring a Social Media Manager


  • Time; Hiring Process & Training
  • Benefits for Employee $$
  • Salary $$$$x4

For businesses who are considering DIY social media, More In Media recommends starting on just three platforms:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

That is, after setting up a comprehensive website and a blog.  Your website and blog should be your ‘hub for sales’ and all social media platforms should drive traffic to your website where you should close the sale.  Proper training is essential, therefore More In Media recommends attending hands on workshops where you ‘learn and implement’ in front of your laptop.  Webinars and one-on-one training are other great ways to gain social media knowledge.

To outsource your social media, look for a social media firm active online, and active on many social media platforms. Enter More In Media, a (local) Social Media Management company led by Dorien Morin-van Dam aka “The Girl in the Orange Glasses”.  She leads companies into the ‘social media jungle’ and guides them with strategic planning, social media set up, and social media training as well as social media management.   Dorien invites you to check out her personal and business social presence via her XeeMe account.

A free, 30 minute social media phone consult is given to every inquiring business, new clients only.  To set up an appointment, call Dorien of More In Media at 617-763-1655.  To get learning instantly, check out More In Media’s website and Dorien’s blog with nearly 100 entries, many of them ‘how –to’s’ and tutorials on social media.

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