The Be Well Coach: Smoothie for Your Skin

by Leslie O’Neill

vegetablesIs your skin looking a little dry and tired lately? The winter months can be rough on our skin (no pun intended). We tend not to drink enough water or eat enough fruits and veggies which are both excellent sources for better skin.

This month I have been talking about smoothies, which is not only beneficial for your internal health but also for your external health aka skin. Using fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants and pairing that with health fats will definitely make a difference in the condition of your skin.

When we wake up in the morning we are dehydrated from sleeping for 6-7 hours and it is crucial to drink fluids to get our nervous system working properly. Besides drinking a glass of water upon wakening fixing yourself a hydrating nutritious smoothie is a great way to start your day.

Try this smoothie recipe for great nutrition and a better complexion.

• 1 c. coconut water or filtered water
• 5-6 handfuls of spinach or kale or romaine
• several pieces of frozen pineapple or apples or pears or banana
• ½ avocado (this keeps the smoothie from separating & makes it creamy)
• fresh ginger (optional)
• stevia (optional)
• 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder (optional)
Blend together and enjoy!

To find out more about Leslie and her wellness company “The Be Well Coach” you can visit her website

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