The Beach’s Best Comic

Carolina Comedy Club

Jamie Morgan

The Carolina Comedy Club at Broadway at the Beach welcomed seven aspiring comics to the stage as part of the Second Annual Beach’s Beast Best Comic Contest.  I was honored to be asked to be a judge alongside Brad Dickerson of the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Bobbei Runswinckle and Kerry Barrone, both from The Sun News. Our task was to pick a first, second and third place winner from amongst the group, who would then qualify for the finals later in the month.

Jamie Morgan, General Manger of the club served as the host for the night.  Lucky for the comics participating that Jamie was not a contestant because he would have won, hands down.  The first comic to share his stuff was James Jones, who is black and used it in many of his jokes about stereotyping and grammar in South Carolina.  He was funny and my pick for third place.
Carolina Comedy Club

Jonathan Jude

Next up was Dennis Bellamy, who also works at the club.  Dennis is a black/Asian man with a beard and described himself as a black Santa with squinty eyes. Tracy Musiker, the only female to enter the contest was up next and I really didn’t get her.  She was very dry and I think because of the accoustics, I missed some of her punchlines.  Most of her jokes reflected around Halloween zombies and not wanting children.

I was really looking forward to hearing 20 year old Edmond Cami, who was a fellow student in my Improv class at Carolina Improv Company.  He was very energetic and funny and joked about the difference between the United States and Albania, his birthplace.
Carolina Comedy Club

Tad Fulford

Speaking of Carolina Improv Company, current “player” Tad Fulford was the next contestant.  Tad was very energetic and entertaining and many of his jokes reflected around physical fitness and wondering why people run when they can drive and the state of the economy.”My 401 (k) is now a 201 (k),” lamented Fulford.  He was my pick for second.

Next  was Jay McKenney, another 20 year old who joked about the difference between white and black churches. And the last contestant was Jonathan Jude, a recent transplant to Myrtle Beach.  I thought he was the funniest, talking about his underwear hand me downs from his three sisters and how the best dancers are those men who find out that they are not the baby daddy.
So the winner from the night was…Tad Fulford, with Jonathan Jude coming in second and rounding up third was James Jones. I had the top three, just not in that order.It was a fun night for the audience and the comics and I am looking forward to judging again, if asked!


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